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Our Services
Digital Renderings

We will create photo-realistic images of your concept that bring your idea to life. We are committed to offer our clients 2D – 3D high quality digital rendering with objective of competitive price value. Clients will be communicating directly and promptly with one person to get the daily communication updated. Whether you require aerial views, interior views, panoramic views, or floor plans, our experienced design team and advanced technology can accommodate your needs. These digital images can be utilised for investor meetings, architectural review board presentations, marketing materials, etc.

Water Color Renderings

Our traditional water color sketches can be piece of working art. As some clients like to showcase their ideas in softer and conceptual impressionistic art format. If you are looking for a more artistic approach that incorporates a combination of soft, hand-painted tones and bold features, our designers can illustrate your design concept beautifully.

Virtual Reality

Virtual tours, video animation, VR 360 point to point and VR 360 video can bring your projects to life and sell your project or ideas before they are built. These powerful new technologies can be viewed from your phone, desktop, iPad and websites. We are experts in 3D visualisation and animation services. Our progressive systems and processes enable us to create highly photo-realistic world quickly and without the hefty price tag. Our clients can use these realistic walk-through and interactive presentations to showcase and market their vision.

Concept Design

As our background is in architectural design and illustrations, we believe that set us apart from other presentation firms. Our dual skills help our client ability to a comprehensive design solutions and ideas.

We take on projects of all sizes, from hotel refurbishments and Urban Mix-use to individual product mock-ups. Whatever your design project entails, they all demand the same key elements. Contact us today to bring your idea to life!

What Our Customers Have To Say

“Great Architect! Will work hard and get the job done beautifully.”

- Stephanie C., Customer

“Very professional, friendly, timely, and competent group of people. They work hard for their clients.”

- Chris H., Customer

“I hired Nourachi Studios for commercial renderings. They did an excellent job. Highly recommend this architecture firm.”

- Lynda P., Customer
Our Clients